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How To Make Money With Click Funnels

How To Make Money With Click Funnels

Today, I'm going to discuss a strategy that you can use to start earning a residual income by giving away free two week trials to Click Funnels. If you don't know what Click Funnels is, it's a software that allows marketers and local business to create high converting marketing web pages or funnels.

The founder of Click Funnels, Russel Brunson, goes into more details about how funnels work. You can access his training inside of the FREE Affiliate Bootcamp.

Inside the free affiliate bootcamp, Russell got 15 successful marketers to reveal what they would do step by step to go from go from zero to full time affiliate marketer in 100 days. You can choose one of the many strategies given, put your efforts into that one strategy, and become a super affiliate in 100 days.

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I’m going to discuss Russell’s strategy and add my little twist on it in this video. One of the things I like about Russell's strategy is that it provides something every business wants and needs, more customers. 

In the end, businesses don’t care about websites or funnels, they only want more customers and sales. By providing high converting funnels that get results you will be giving businesses what they truly want.

So let’s get started breaking down this strategy..

Russell’s Strategy

Step 1: Pick The Market

Russell’s strategy begins with the creation of a  two page funnel. The pages that make up the funnel are the optin page and the bridge page. The optin page offers to provide access to a free video that can help your potential market get more customers and make more sales. Once someone enter’s their name and email they will then go to the bridge page. 

In video: Explain this is my niche funnel and how it gets more customers into store, business and map it out--Explain the entire funnel. Offer, optin, thank you page, etc.

Step 2: Bridge the Gap

The bridge page is designed to bridge the gap on why your market needs to have a funnel. The page contains a video that explains how funnels work and how to use them. The video also explains that you’ve already created a funnel and are giving it away for free to your market.

 All they have to do is click on the link below the video, get a two week free Click Funnels trial, and access the funnel you’ve built within their Click Funnels account. Click Funnels have a share feature that allows you to build a funnel and share it with others via a link. When someone clicks on the link, the shared funnel will be added to their account.

This is a rundown of how Russell's strategy works for, let’s say the gym niche. You will create a two page funnel for gyms consisting of an optin page and a bridge page. On the optin page you will have a headline that says get access to a free video that reveals how to get more gym customers. When a gym owner opts into the page, they will be taken to the bridge page. 

The bridge page will contain a video that teaches and explains how gyms can get more customers using funnels. The video will also have a call to action that says:

“I’ve already built one of these funnels for you. Click below and I will give you this funnel for free. If you don’t have a Click Funnels account, you can get a 14 day free trial. The share funnel is on the link below this video.”

A gym owner that wants access to your free funnel will click on the link, get the free trial, and you get a monthly commission for as long as they continue using Click Funnels.

Step 3; Get Traffic -Paid Ads

The final step in Russell’s strategy is to drive traffic to your optin page. His traffic strategy involves paid ads and this is where I’m going to add my little twist that I spoke of earlier.

My Little Twist on Russell’s Strategy

The first thing I want to make clear before discussing my little twist is that their is no such thing as free traffic. Either you are going to spend your money or your time to get traffic. My strategy involves you spending your time if you don’t want to spend money paying for ads.

My strategy also reduces Russell’s two page funnel to one, dropping the optin page and just using the bridge page. The way it works is using the same bridge page Russell describes, you will send a message to your market using website contact forms and cold emails.

This is a numbers game and your only job is to get eyeballs on your offer. Keep in mind that not every business wants or needs your help. Others may need your help, but they don’t know you and will not do business with you.

However, there are some business that will jump on your offer, but the only way that will do it is that they first have to know about your offer. My strategy is designed to get eyeballs on your offer as soon as possible. By dropping the optin page, business owners only need to click on your link to see how you can help them.

This strategy will not work unless at least 100 people a day see your link. If you send out 40 contact forms messages and 60 emails, that doesn’t count as 100. The reason being is that businesses may never get your emails, but they will see your message sent by a contact form on their website.

The reason I included emails as a method of contact is because some businesses don’t have a contact form but will instead have their contact email listed on their website.

The outreach message can go something like this:


I’m looking to help a local (niche) in (City) get more customers, clients, patients, etc. I ended up finding you and (local competitor).

If you can use handle some more customers then check out this video I made for you with the details.  (Link to bridge page)

Talk soon,


You can also use this strategy to get Facebook ad clients. Business owners are focused on running their businesses and don’t have time for learning digital marketing strategies. You can offer to set up these funnels and run ads to get new customers and charge businesses $900 to $1,500 a month. I will cover that in another video.

How To Get Started

You can get started by signing up my FREE Step By Step Blueprint for getting paid to promote other people's products. 

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by selling someone else's product or services.

The way it works is that when you sign up as an affiliate, you are given a link that is unique to you. When you send someone to that link and they make a purchase from the link that you provided, you get paid a commission.

Affiliate marketing is, in my opinion, the best way to get started making money online, because someone else has already created the product or service, they’ve written sales copy, and they handle all the customer service, returns and refunds. 

All you have to do as an affiliate is drive traffic to the offer.

Also, by being an affiliate starting out, once you learn how to generate income from other people’s offers, you will then have the skills needed to sell your own products and services if you decide to in the future.

Many big, well known companies have affiliate programs like Walmart and Amazon have affiliate programs

When picking a niche to promote it’s best to go where the money is. The 3 largest money making niches are health, wealth, and relationships.

Many new affiliates unfortunately get bad advice from others who say that these niches have a lot of competition and which makes it harder to make sales, but these niches have a lot of competition because they are things the vast majority of people are actively spending money in. 

The key to making sales is having an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you that when you make a recommendation for a product or service, they will buy because the relationship that you have with them.

For example, you have friends and family that have all shopped at Walmart at one time or another. So you go and purchase a fancy camera and start telling people how much you love your new camera. 

One of your friends asks you where did you get you new camera and you tell them, “Oh, I bought this from Walmart for $500. Your friend then goes to Walmart and purchases that same camera or maybe on that costs a bit more.

If you were an affiliate, you would have gotten paid a commission from the sale. But the point being is that even though your friend has likely made purchases from Walmart in the past, they still made a purchase based on your recommendation, simply because they know like and trust you. 

You only need to get a small portion of this multi billion dollar industries to make enough income to live a lifestyle that you want. 

To find affiliate programs simple do a web search for niche + affiliate program. So if I were looking for an affiliate program in the weight loss niche, I would search for weight loss affiliate programs. 

The niche that I personally chose to work in is the wealth niche which includes the make money online niche.

If you are interested in learning how to start from zero and become a super affiliate in 100 days, I invite you to join the Free Affiliate Bootcamp which provides step by step training on how to become a super affiliate in 100 days. 

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